Nile river beach: Where to find one + photos

Many think the waters of the Nile river are toxic and can’t even be touched. While that may be true of certain parts of it, especially around Cairo, this is not the case in Upper Egypt.

As a I drifted through the longest river in the world for 4 days and 3 nights, I discovered that its waters can be so crystalline, so beautiful, almost unspoiled. In the pictures below, I am enjoying a much-needed cold splash during a hot summer day on what I called a “Nile river beach,” close to the Sudanese border. By the way, I booked this trip on one of the hostels in Aswan listed on the Lonely Planet Middle East guidebook.

Important things to consider when booking your felucca trip:

1) Bargaining is always key. You can always get a lower price, especially on low season
2) If you are a woman traveling alone, you must go on a multi-day felucca trip with other traveler(s) you feel comfortable with. It is advised not to go with a Nubian captain by yourself.

Nile river beach

The crystalline waters of the Nile river beach we found!

Nile river beach

Felucca and one of the travelers on my boat trip, Nate. We met in Dahab

Nile river beach

Me kind of posing at the Nile river beach

Nile river beach

Nile river beach: Unexpected, no?

Have you sailed through the Nile river? In which country?

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3 Responses to “Nile river beach: Where to find one + photos”

  1. Mark Wiens Says:

    Yes, I just took a felucca trip last year! It was an amazing time and I can agree with the amazingly refreshing dips in the clear Nile!



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