FriFotos: Compilation of stones, temples of my Middle East travels

For #FriFotos this week, given that the theme is “STONE,” I decided to make a compilation post, including some of my favorite shots of┬ástones, rock-carved temples & buildings I captured throughout my Middle East travels between August 2008-December 2009. In passing, I have included all the countries I visited to make this photo essay about the Arab world even more interesting. Hope you like it!

Middle East travels, Petra

me sitting by rose stone in Petra, Jordan

Middle East travels, Petra

me climbing the Monastery at Petra

Middle East travels, Abu Simbel Egypt

me at Nefertari's temple, Abu Simbel, Egypt

Middle East travels, Abu Simbel, Egypt

So happy to FINALLY be at Ramses II temple in Abu Simbel, Egypt!

Abu Simbel, Egypt

Close-up of Nefertari temple, Abu Simbel, Egypt photo

Middle East travels, Medinat Habu Egypt

LOVED the colorful stone at Medinat Habu temple in Egypt!! =D

Middle East travels, Medinat Habu Egypt

Look at THAT!! =O

Egyptian temple

detailed carvings of Egyptian temples blew me away

Ifrane, Morocco

Lion sculpture in Downtown Ifrane, Morocco

Citadel Hostel Jerusalem

STONE hostel room we stayed at while in Jerusalem! Citadel Hostel was located inside the Old City by jaffa Gate, so so awesome!

Middle East travels, Damascus Gate, Jerusalem

Damascus Gate, Jerusalem by fellow traveler Matthias Fredici Kristensen

Got some stone shots from your Middle East travels? Post link on a comment below!

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