Travel the Middle East sands: Photo essay

February 10, 2012

Egypt, Persian Gulf, Photos

Palm Jumeirah's Fronds

Today we will travel the Middle East SANDS as the latter is the FriFotos theme this week! I’ll present a variety of photos including deserts I have visited, some interesting tours I have taken, and other locales that are still on my Middle East bucket list! Hope you enjoy the shots :)

Travel the Middle East: Egypt

travel the Middle East, Egyptian desert

Checkpoint ahead!

The photo above was taken on the road trip from Aswan to Abu Simbel to see the imposing Abu Simbel temple. The sign basically says “here’s a checkpoint” and that they’ll stop you ;)

travel the Middle East, Nile shores

Shore of the Nile in southern Egypt

One of my all-time favorite shots (minus the annoying yellow date stamp), I captured it during sunrise while on a felucca trip in southern Egypt (by Aswan). These sands are the shore of the historic Nile river, whose beauty took me by wonderful surprise the days that followed…

travel the Middle East, Nile river beach

me relaxing at a Nile river beach

travel the Middle East, Nile river shore

I couldn't believe my eyes! Is this the Nile river I heard was so filthy (and really was by Cairo)!? Different story by Aswan!

On these shots, you can see what I meant by “wonderful surprise” and “BEAUTY”! I never thought the Nile river beaches and water could be so crystalline and dreamy. Plus, the cold splash while under the summer desert sun was even more welcomed!

White Desert, Egypt

fellow student Marine & me walking the sands of the White Desert

White desert landscape

White desert landscape

Dakhla oasis

me and the spectacular view of Dakhla oasis, from the grounds of Desert Lodge

Baharyia Oasis, Egypt

I love oases! Here, Baharyia Oasis (Photo: Margaux de Borchgrave)

My favorite desert of all – the White Desert! And some of my top Egyptian spots: The gorgeous oases. Above are my favorite shots from those trips.

Travel the Middle East: The Gulf

Khezr Beach, Hormoz Island

Khezr Beach, Hormoz Island, Persian Gulf, Iran (Photo: Hamed Saber, Creative Commons)

Thought travel to the Middle East was all about desert sand? Think again! Particularly, the Persian Gulf has some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Above, the spectacular landscape of Khezr beach in Hormoz Island. Yes, this is in Iran (say wha!?).

Palm Jumeirah's Fronds

Palm Jumeirah's Fronds, Dubai (Photo: Imre Solt, Creative Commons)

When it comes to infamous Middle Eastern beaches located in the Persian Gulf, Dubai definitively tops the list. Particularly, its man-made islands. Above, the Palm Jumeirah during its construction phase back in 2007.

And this is it for a Friday!

Too many photos already ;) I’ll treat you with some more desert sands soon, as I start introducing you to more ¬†off-the-beaten-path landscapes and spots in the Middle East. Have a great weekend!

Have you been to any of these Middle Eastern spots? Which was your favorite and why?

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