Green Middle East: Plethora of photos ahead (plus Iran)! #FriFotos

Today’s theme is “Green Middle East” and these photos are meant to show you another beautiful side of one of my favorite regions in the world. Indeed, there is much more than vast deserts found in the Arab world. Hope you enjoy the shots!

Green Iran

Gorgeous green landscape in Iran – WHOA!

green Iranian landscape

green Iranian landscape (Photo: Shahram Sharif, Creative Commons)

Iranian valley

Iranian road in the middle of the valley (Photo: Hansueli Krapf, Wiki Commons)

Iranian rice fields

Rice fields along the Caspian Sea near Surakh Mazuy, Iran (Photo: Simisa, Wiki Commons)

Pereshkaft, Iran

Pereshkaft, Iran (Photo: Wiki Commons)

Green Egypt

Me soaking in the green waters of Ain Sokhna beach, Egypt:

Ain Sokhna beach

Ain Sokhna beach, Egypt

Splash of green at Desert Lodge, Dakhla, Egypt

Desert Lodge, Dakhla oasis, Egypt

Desert Lodge, Dakhla oasis, Egypt - My favorite hotel in the Middle East!

Dakhla oasis, Egypt

panoramic view from our hotel Desert Lodge in Dakhla, Egypt. Gosh, I loved that hotel and oasis!!

Philae temple, as seen from my motorboat ride through the Nile. One of the best birthday presents to date! :)

green Middle East, Philae temple, Egypt

Philae temple postcard!

green Middle East, Philae temple, Egypt

I was so thrilled, even my cover scarf fell off my shoulders =P

Green Israel & Palestine (West Bank)

Patches of green seen from top of Monastery of Temptation in Jericho, Palestine (West Bank)

Mount of Temptation, Palestine

Mount of Temptation - Jericho, Palestine (West Bank)

Green mosque and greenery in Akko, Israel

Akko green mosque, Israel

Akko, Israel green mosque

Green sign at bus station in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv sign

Hebrew sign, Tel Aviv bus station

Green Morocco

Beautiful greenery at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrance, Morocco. Studied abroad in Morocco for semester and loved it!

Al Akhawayn University campus

Al Akhawayn University campus is beautiful indeed! Little Switzerland of Africa =)

Beautiful green arches marking the grand entrance to the old medina of the imperial city of Fez:

Fez old medina

Baab at entrance of old medina in Fez with Ami! I'm on the right

Me after a very fast horseback ride in Ifrane, Morocco

Ifrane horseback riding

Me post-horse-rampage

Secret beach in Morocco! We found it on our way from Saaidia to Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane

random Morocco beach

this sign was WAY above the beach below!!

random Morocco

had to go aaaall the way down, hundreds and hundreds of steps...

random Moroccan beach be greeted by this!!!!

random Moroccan beach be greeted by THIS =)

Top of our hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco (yet another road trip we took…in 3 occasions!)

Marrakesh riad rooftop

from the rooftop of our riad in the old medina of Marrakesh (Photo: Kristopher Kilgroe)

Post your Green Middle East photos on a comment below!

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4 Responses to “Green Middle East: Plethora of photos ahead (plus Iran)! #FriFotos”

  1. Someday I'll Be There - Mina Says:

    Amazing photos! First thing that comes to mind when people talk of the middle east is vast deserts with no signs of green, but this isn’t very true I guess :) I also posted some photos of green Egypt :)


  2. Emme Rogers Says:

    You’re such a cutie Maria!

    I definitely have to explore the Middle East some more.


    • Maria Laborde Says:

      hehe, thanks! :) and you definitely have to see more of the Middle East. It is fascinating and beautiful.


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