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Atlas Studios Morocco: World’s Largest Film Studio! (photos)

April 18, 2012


Atlas Studios Morocco, Ouarzazate

Of my favorite things to do in Morocco, Ouarzazate attractions are among the top of my list. It is the picture-perfect place in the middle of the Sahara, away from civilization, with amazing kasbahs and places of interest. Best of all? It is home to Atlas Studios Morocco:

Atlas Studios Ouarzazate set 1

1) set at Atlas Studios Morocco

Hollywood’s playgrounds

Also dubbed the Hollywood of il Maghreb, Atlas Studios Morocco is where blockbusters such as Lawrence of Arabia and other films like GladiatorBabel and Kingdom of Heaven where filmed (Wiki). In fact, Atlas Studios Morocco is one of the largest movie studios in the world. As if Ouarzazate’s surroundings weren’t enough!

Atlas Studios Ouarzazate

2) Perfect for your ancient temple shooting needs ;)

Atlas Studios Ouarzazate Egyptian set

3) nope, it's not Egypt!

Atlas Studios Ouarzazate Egyptian columns

4) Pretty cool how these columns are close to those in Egypt's temples!

Diversify your Moroccan itinerary!

Atlas Studios Morocco is a must-see Ouarzazate attraction and will sure spice up your Moroccan itinerary with something different. The vastness of the largest film studio on Earth can’t obviously be properly portrayed in pictures, so you’ll have to go visit and see for yourself! ;)

Atlas Studios Morocco, Ouarzazate

Atlas Studios Morocco - majestic in a unique way. From sand dunes to ancient temple sets, the world's largest film studio has it all!

Check out my things to do in Morocco post for more tips and trip ideas in this beautiful North African country.

Have you been to Atlas Studios Morocco? Or is it on your travel bucket list?

Photos: 1) Zouavman Le Zouave, Wiki Commons * 2) Emko Bos, Flickr * 3) yimix, Flickr * 4) cottonM, Flickr 

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