Tel Aviv photos: The beach, Gaudi, the old and the new

April 23, 2012

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Tel Aviv photos, beach promenade

Today I was reminiscing about my trip during Eid el Adha in Israel and the awesome time I had in that city by going through some Tel Aviv photos. I also remembered the amazing time I had my second time around, during the summer. I absolutely love this city: The vibe, the nightlife, the gorgeous beach promenade, the great festivals and events that energize its center during the summer. It should be a must on anyone’s travel bucket list! And the influx of travelers from all over the world you stumble upon here is great as well. And so today, I had to transport my readership through the old and new of this city:

Tel Aviv photos: Beach promenade and downtown

Tel Aviv beach promenade

1) Beautiful, expansive is the Tel Aviv beach promenade

Tel Aviv beach from above

2) Tel Aviv beach from above a dawn

Tel Aviv Gaudi style building

3) gaudi-style building in Tel Aviv? Built in 1989 and dubbed "the Crazy House," it was designed by architect Leon Geneva

Tel Aviv skyline

4) Part of the Tel Aviv skyline

Tel Aviv photos: Old Jaffa

Tel Aviv architecture gem

5) One of my favorite buildings in the WORLD! And I have seen plenty ;) Ironically, this building is located in the Old Jaffa district of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Old Jaffa St Michael Church

6) St. Michael Greek Orthodox Church in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Old Jaffa streets

7) Tel Aviv Old Jaffa streets - absolutely LOVED them

Tel Aviv Old Jaffa architecture

8) So in love with Old Jaffa's architecture - will have to write a post just about it soon!

Do you have any Tel Aviv photos? Share them in a comment below!

Flickr photos: 1) Yoav Lerman * 2) Shayan (USA) * 3) Flavio * 4) Jonas Hansel * 5) mac42 * 6) jaime.silva * 7) Mark Philpot * 8) Kit Logan * 

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  1. Katie Says:

    Great pictures! I really want to go. My husband as already gone, so it is not at the top of my list since he wants to see new places. However, I hop we make it there sooner rather than later.


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