Things to do in Yemen: Beautiful UNESCO-filled photo essay

April 24, 2012

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things to do in Yemen, Qalansiyah beach

A country in strife, yet with so much to offer. This week’s Travel Tuesday photo essay features the wonderful things to do in Yemen.

Socotra Island

things to do in Yemen, Qalansiyah beach

1) Qalansiyah, Socotra Island

Featured as having some of the best beaches in the Middle East, reiterated by Lonely Planet retweet, Socotra Island is one of the oddest sights not only in the Arabian peninsula, but in the world. A UNESCO World heritage Site since 2008, its unique landscapes and unspoiled wilderness will sure take your breath away. The best way to experience Socotra Island is by camping there for a few days and hike around the island. Oh, also, make sure you go out for a swim and boat tour in Shoab Beach — you may be able to swim with wild dolphins! In my opinion, Socotra should top your Things to do in Yemen list.

things to do in Yemen, Socotra Haggier mountains

2) Socotra's Haggier mountains

Old City of Sana’a

things to do in Yemen, Old City San'aa

3) Skyline, Old City of Sana'a

While in the capital of Yemen, get ready for a photographic feast by taking a stroll down the Old City of Sana’a. Another UNESCO World Heritage site, it is one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities. Just imagine the amount of history you’ll witness! The architecture will surely blow you away.

Dar Al Hajar Rock Palace

Things to do in Yemen, Dar Al Hajar Rock Palace

4) Dar Al Hajar Rock Palace, Wadi Dhahr

You already know about the beauty of the Dar Al Hajar Rock Palace thanks to a photo essay I published two weeks ago. Built upon ancient ruins, it served ruler Imam Yahya’s summer mansion in the 1930’s. Make sure you not only admire from the outside, though — Dar Al Hajar is open for tourists and you should venture inside and take photos of the Yemeni landscape from one of its many windows.

Zabīd town and its Great Mosque

things to do in Yemen, Zabid Great Mosque

5) Jami'a al-Kabira (The Great Mosque), Zabid

This Great Mosque is located in another one of Yemen’s oldest cities, Zabīd. In fact, this was the country’s capital for about 200 years (13th- 15th century). And as part of the List of World Heritage in Danger, you must visit Zabid before it deteriorates.

Do you know of any other things to do in Yemen? Comment below!

Flickr photos: 1) & 2) Soqotra (Yemen) * 3) kgbbristol * 4) Matthew & Sanae (MaSa) * 5) rmawani

14 Responses to “Things to do in Yemen: Beautiful UNESCO-filled photo essay”

  1. Lauren Says:

    So, now I want to go to Yemen…


    • Maria Laborde Says:

      Right?! May Allah bless those currently fighting in Yemen for their freedom and may this beautiful country see the light of happiness soon. It has so much potential as a tourist destination in the Middle East! Absolutely breathtaking


  2. Waegook Tom Says:

    I want to go to Yemen too, but foreign tourists seem to get kidnapped a little too often for my liking – and needing armed guards for certain areas doesn’t appeal either.

    It’s a shame as it looks absolutely gorgeous. I’d LOVE to go to Socotra and explore the country’s culture. Hopefully the country will find peace soon.


  3. InsideJourneys Says:

    WOW! Another place to the ever growing bucket list. I say we should all win the lottery.


  4. Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista Says:

    Well I’m sold on Socotra! That beach is still calling to me.


  5. Dick Jordan Says:

    Went there, cinematically, last Sunday when I saw “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” (which was actually filmed in Morrocco)


  6. Becca@R We There Yet Mom? Says:

    Your pictures are stunning!


  7. Nancie Says:

    Looks amazing! I must really start thinking about going to that part of the world.


  8. Chrystal McKay Says:

    What incredible photos! I’ve been interested in Yemen for awhile but haven’t found many who’ve travelled there- this is enticing!:D


    • Maria Laborde Says:

      Yemen is a fascinating country, I only pray that its civil strife ends soon. Insha’allah


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