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Bethlehem Separation Wall graffiti: A forum of expression

October 2, 2012

Israel and Palestine, Photos

Banksy Bethlehem separation wall graffiti

Today, I’m in a quite reflective mood. For this reason, I have decided to finally post all those Bethlehem Separation Wall graffiti photos. All these shots touched me during my visit there in December 2008, one way or another. Unless otherwise stated, photo credits to David Norton, fellow traveler and student at the American University in Cairo back then.

Note: The expressions and graffiti presented on the photos below do not necessarily reflect the views of María Laborde nor David Norton.

Bethlehem Separation Wall graffiti: West Bank/Palestine

Known in its entirety as the Israeli West Bank barrier, the separation wall is still under construction. You could find Israeli soldiers on both sides of the wall, however, when I visited Bethlehem back in the fall of 2008. I don’t think much has changed since then.

Undoubtedly controversial, another perfect example of the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Banksy Bethlehem separation wall graffiti

Bethlehem separation wall graffiti Banksy


The entrance (and exit)

Bethlehem wall graffiti entrance

In we go

Bethlehem wall graffiti alley

Somber alleys. Odd vibes throughout.

Occupation? Or territory lost on a war?

Bethlehem wall graffiti, USA occupation

Dear taxpayers?

Different languages, similar messages

Bethlehem wall graffiti, USA Palestine

An American taxpayer claims his/her money back, while a Spanish expresses “Free Palestine”

Knitting castles in the air?

Bethlehem wall graffiti Pinocchio

…and Pinocchio

A German from Berlin leaves a message…

Bethlehem Palestinian wall graffiti, Berlin

In German: “I am a Berliner” (Marc Venezia, Wiki Commons)

And happy holidays to you all, too…

Israeli West Bank separation wall graffiti, Bethlehem

Christmas tree in a dead forest

Any thoughts about the Bethlehem Separation Wall graffiti? Have you seen it?

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