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The Turkish beach towns of Bodrum and Dalaman (photos)

January 29, 2013

Photos, Turkey

Turkish beach towns map

The Turkish beach towns of Bodrum and Dalaman may look similar to the foreigner. However, like sugar and salt, those who are familiar with the area know that each town appeals to a different type of traveler. Today we explore their beaches, attractions, and transportation options so you can make up your mind and decide to which airport you should fly into when booking your flights to Turkey.

Discover other Turkish beach towns: Fethiye, heart of The Turquoise Coast

Turkish beach towns map

Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

Turkish beach towns: Bodrum

One of the smaller Turkish beach towns along the Turquoise Coast, Bodrum can be described as a pulsing city with a small-town feel.

While the main town is teaming with nightlife, the best beaches are located outside of it. But don’t fret — the whole area is well-served by the excellent, cheap local bus system, so getting around is quite easy. Take a lift and head over to Bitez and Turgutreis for some sandy beaches.

Turkish beach towns, Bitez Bodrum

Cleopatra’s Beach in Bitez, Bodrum by Catherine Murray, Flickr

Other attractions

From world-class wreck diving and nightclubs to ancient ruins and museums: Bodrum has it all!

Jeep Safari to the relatively-unknown Antique City of Pedasa:

Pedasa Antique City by Bodrum, Turkey

Amphitheater, Pedasa Antique City courtesy of TripAdvisor

Halikarnas The Club: arguably one of the best dance clubs in town

Turkish beach towns, Halikarnas The Club Bodrum

Photo of Halikarnas The Club popping by TripAdvisor

Bodrum’s Museum of Underwater Archeology has many terrific exhibits. However, one particularly stands out:

Turkish beach towns, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology

“Glass objects recovered from shipwrecks were displayed in a darkened room, lit from below” by Anita363, Flickr

Turkish beach towns: Dalaman

If you really want to get away from it all, the Turkish beach town of Dalaman is a good choice.

Please keep in mind though, if you wish to explore  surrounding areas, renting a car is paramount, as other means of transportation are either too expensive or time-consuming. You will also have to take a pricey taxi from the airport to the town’s center, as it is 6 km away.

Conversely, the intercity bus service is useful if  you hope to mix a budget Turkish road trip with a relaxation break in sleepy Dalaman. Most notably, there is a direct bus from Tokat Yıldızı departing at 15:00 3 pm to Nevşehir, from which you change for Ürgüp and Göreme to visit gorgeous Cappadocia.

Turkish beach towns Dalaman

Dalaman boats by Karl Wright, Flickr

Other attractions

Once you have a car, the entire Turquoise Coast is at your feet. Depending on the time of the year you visit, you may go trekking, bathe in mud baths, see sunken Roman ruins amid the sand dunes of Patara Beach, go paragliding by Fethiye or even take a hydrofoil to Greece!

 Hiking Butterfly Valley, Fethiye:

Turkish beach towns, Fethiye

“It is named Butterfly Valley because in the spring the butterflies hatch here” – detroitstylz, Flickr

Mud Baths by Dalyan River:

Turkish beach towns, Dalyan mud baths

Photo by Chris Tengi, Flickr

Paragliding  over Olu Deniz, Fethiye:

Turkish beach towns, Oludeniz beach paragliding

Paragliding over Ölüdeniz beach, Fethiye by Tania Ho, Flickr

The old, picturesque fishing village of Kalkan:

Turkish beach towns, old village of Kalkan

“Kalkan Mosque seen through a Kosk” by John Rutter, Flickr

The spectacular Aspendos Roman theater by Antalya:

Turkish beach towns, Aspendos Roman theater

“The theatre at Aspendos is famous for its magnificent acoustics. Even the slightest sound made at the centre of the orchestra can be easily heard as far as the upper most galleries. It is the best preserved and most complete example of a Roman theatre” -Dennis Jarvis, Flickr

Have you visited any of these Turkish beach towns?

Which is your favorite?

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