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Experience Cyprus Like a Local

October 2, 2013


Petra tou Romiou or

The island of Cyprus is a spectacular place to holiday this year, especially if you’re traveling with your family. Not only are there countless activities to keep you and your loved ones entertained, but the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters provide the perfect backdrop for some relaxation.

Most of southern Cyprus’ cultural influences have been dominated by Western Europe, however there are still many elements of traditional Cypriot life that you’ll be able to experience as a tourist. Located on the waters of the European Mediterranean, why not experience Cyprus like a local this summer, and have a vacation to remember.

Zanettos Taverna

It’s a general rule of thumb that the best places to eat when traveling abroad, are the places packed with locals. Zanettos Taverna has a great reputation all over southern Cyprus, and you’ll rarely find it less than packed with locals and tourists alike. One of few traditional taverns still in business in Cyprus, you might have to book a few days in advance to get a table here, however once you taste the meze dishes, cured meats, handmade deserts and local beers, you’ll certainly want to visit again before you leave for home.

Petra tou Romiou

Petra tou Romiou or "Rock of the Greek" in Cyprus

Petra tou Romiou or “Rock of the Greek” in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island filled with beautiful natural wonders, and Petra tou Romiou – Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach – is one of the most loved. Not only has this beach featured mythical literature, but it is also an iconic attraction that has dazzled tourists and Cypriots for years. As the beach curls around the stunning white rock, the view approaching the beach is simply fantastic.
People even manage to climb to the top of the rock, and look out over the beach and the ocean, however it’s not recommended you try this. Although the rock has nothing to do with the goddess Aphrodite herself, it does allude to Digenis Akritas, one of Greece’s many folk heroes. Legend has it that the rock in the ocean was one of many he hurled at his enemies, with Aphrodite emerging from the crashing waves to explore the rock.

Governor’s Beach

This is a beach used by locals more than anyone else, however they don’t mind tourists catching a tan as long as they’re respectful of their surroundings. This means no littering, shouting, or any other annoying behavior tourists are usually accused of in Cyprus! Keeping to these rules is well worth the hassle however, as Governor’s Beach is truly beautiful. It’s just the perfect place to spend a day or two, so book your flights to Cyprus, pack your swimwear, and get over here!
You won’t find sand more golden along this stretch of coastline, and there are traditional cafes and restaurants looking over the beach. Furthermore, prices for deck chairs, food, beverages and fabrics at the local market tend to be cheaper here too, so if you’re looking for a bargain then you know where to come!

Governor’s Beach is also a diving hotspot, and there are some gorgeous coral reefs and shipwrecks to experience just off shore. It’s best to get a recommendation from your hotel before approaching any of the local companies about diving here, as they don’t like tourists turning up out of the blue.

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