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Ramadan Kareem meaning: Overview of the Muslim holiday

July 23, 2012


Ramadan Kareem meaning: Overview of the Muslim holiday

To all my Muslim brothers and sisters: رمضان كريم (Ramadan Kareem)! And to the rest of my brothers and sisters: Let’s love each other no matter what’s our religion. I’m a Christ follower and love all people, just as He would 😉 Learn more about the Ramadan Kareem meaning and the festivities that take place during this […]

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Giza Pyramids disappointment: My travel photo and story

May 24, 2012


me disappointed at the Pyramids of Giza

Still struggling with my health, so today I’m simply sharing my Giza Pyramids disappointment travel photo and story. The Pyramids of Giza were on my travel bucket list for many years. However, my experience once I finally visited the plateau was nothing like what I had imagined… I like this travel photo, which I titled “Giza Pyramids […]

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Solo female Middle Eastern road trip: Cairo to Jerusalem (part 1)

May 4, 2012


Middle Eastern road trip, Dome of the Rock

The last week of May 2009, I decided to entail on an epic Middle Eastern road trip, cycling and hitchhiking around the region. I traveled throughout Israel for 3 weeks; went hiking inside the Nabatean city of Petra, where I even climbed the Monastery to the very top with a Bedouin; and finished off in Egypt. This […]

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El Quseir, Egypt: Escaping time by the Red Sea (photos)

April 13, 2012


El Quseir, Egypt Radisson Blu pool

One of the most relaxing places I’ve had the privilege to enjoy while living in the Arab world was El Quseir, Egypt. Also known as Al Qusayr, this little-known Red Sea town is located 139 km north of Marsa Alam and 138 km south of Hurghada (Wiki). El Quseir, Egypt: The town When away from […]

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Ras Mohammed camping, Red Sea, Egypt (photo essay)

April 5, 2012


Ras Mohammed camping sunset

Happy Beach Thursday everyone! Today I present you a special guest post by Mina Mahrous about Ras Mohammed camping by the Red Sea in Egypt. It is a beautiful reserve that I had the pleasure to dive in Egypt (Yolanda Reef is superb!) and I am glad you will learn a bit more about it […]

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Dakhla Oasis: Undiscovered Egypt, part 1 (photo essay)

April 3, 2012


Al Qasr school courtroom

Happy Travel Tuesday! Today we start a series called “Undiscovered Egypt,” introducing you to some off-the-beaten-path spots in the country. This week, we are kicking off with Dakhla oasis (al-Dākhla / الداخلة), one of my favorite places in all Egypt. Location and background Dakhla is one of seven Egyptian oases located in the Libyan Desert. It has a […]

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Green Middle East: Plethora of photos ahead (plus Iran)! #FriFotos

March 16, 2012


green Middle East, Pereshkaft, Iran

Today’s theme is “Green Middle East” and these photos are meant to show you another beautiful side of one of my favorite regions in the world. Indeed, there is much more than vast deserts found in the Arab world. Hope you enjoy the shots! Green Iran Gorgeous green landscape in Iran – WHOA! Green Egypt […]

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Locals in the Middle East: A short photo essay

February 24, 2012


Bedouin girl, locals in the Middle East

Ever wondered what the locals in the Middle East and North Africa look like or where they come from? In celebration of this week’s FriFotos topic, I will give you a short intro and cultural background of some of the different peoples of the region. Bedouins Bedouins are the desert nomads of Arabia. Divided into […]

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Marsa Alam: Egyptian Red Sea Hidden Gem (photo essay)

February 16, 2012


Are your eyes tired of temple viewing, needing a little breather? Yet, you think Luxor is a little too far from relaxing beach towns? Think again: Escape to Marsa Alam! Location Located about 237 km from ancient Thebes, this relaxing beach town is no secret to experienced divers. For years now, Marsa Alam has been […]

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Travel the Middle East sands: Photo essay

February 10, 2012


Palm Jumeirah's Fronds

Today we will travel the Middle East SANDS as the latter is the FriFotos theme this week! I’ll present a variety of photos including deserts I have visited, some interesting tours I have taken, and other locales that are still on my Middle East bucket list! Hope you enjoy the shots 🙂 Travel the Middle […]

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