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Green Middle East: Plethora of photos ahead (plus Iran)! #FriFotos

March 16, 2012


green Iranian landscape

TweetToday’s theme is “Green Middle East” and these photos are meant to show you another beautiful side of one of my favorite regions in the world. Indeed, there is much more than vast deserts found in the Arab world. Hope you enjoy the shots! Green Iran Gorgeous green landscape in Iran – WHOA! Green Egypt […]

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Locals in the Middle East: A short photo essay

February 24, 2012


Bedouin girl, locals in the Middle East

TweetEver wondered what the locals in the Middle East and North Africa look like or where they come from? In celebration of this week’s FriFotos topic, I will give you a short intro and cultural background of some of the different peoples of the region. Bedouins Bedouins are the desert nomads of Arabia. Divided into […]

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Marsa Alam: Egyptian Red Sea Hidden Gem (photo essay)

February 16, 2012


TweetAre your eyes tired of temple viewing, needing a little breather? Yet, you think Luxor is a little too far from relaxing beach towns? Think again: Escape to Marsa Alam! Location Located about 237 km from ancient Thebes, this relaxing beach town is no secret to experienced divers. For years now, Marsa Alam has been […]

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Travel the Middle East sands: Photo essay

February 10, 2012


Palm Jumeirah's Fronds

TweetToday we will travel the Middle East SANDS as the latter is the FriFotos theme this week! I’ll present a variety of photos including deserts I have visited, some interesting tours I have taken, and other locales that are still on my Middle East bucket list! Hope you enjoy the shots Travel the Middle East: […]

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Al Azhar: Cairo’s Central Park (photo essay)

January 24, 2012


Citadel from Al Azhar Park

TweetThere is nothing better than enjoying some greenery in the middle of a city’s chaos, right? Even more so in Cairo, which according to many accounts, is one of the most polluted cities in the world. This fact, however, did not deter me from living in this fascinating city for a year. And my favorite […]

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Exotic sights in the Middle East (photo essay)

January 20, 2012


Jerusalem view

TweetExotic sights in the Middle East are at every turn when you come from the West. For this reason, to celebrate this week’s FriFotos theme “Exotic,” I wanted to present you a photo essay, including some of the exotic sights you can find in the Middle East. These were captured as I lived and traveled […]

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Ras Shitan, Egypt: Beach Thursday photo essay

January 19, 2012


Ras Shitan coast

TweetI love the Red Sea, particularly the Sinai. There is something about this historic peninsula that eludes peace whenever I visit. And while Dahab is my favorite place in the region (and the world), this week’s Beach Thursday photo essay is about one of Sinai’s hidden gems: Ras Shitan. I was invited to spend a […]

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Merry Coptic Christmas! Traditions in the Christian Middle East

January 7, 2012


Coptic Christmas

TweetMerry Coptic Christmas! On January 7th, Christian minorities around the Middle East (most part of the Coptic Church) celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Why on this day, you may ask?Well, this Orthodox Church actually used to celebrate Christmas on December 25th as well, but this all changed when the Gregorian calendar was introduced in […]

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Mosques in the Middle East: Seductive Holiness

November 21, 2011


mosques in the middle east, hagia sophia

TweetMosques in the Middle East never cease to fascinate me. While I am a Christian myself, there is always certain aura about any religious site that gets me down to the bone. The energy is almost inappropriately seductive. Their architecture is simply a feast to the eyes. While cathedrals have their own charm, mosques in […]

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Photo essay: The colorful Medinet Habu temple

November 8, 2011


colorful Medinet Habu

TweetI’ve been obsessed with Ancient Egypt since elementary school. In fact, Arabic studies was my excuse to go live in Egypt for a year and finally wander through the myriad of Pharaonic temples I’ve dreamed about for more than two decades. Granted, I fell in love with the language later on, but that’s not the […]

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