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Essaouira fish market: Authentic Moroccan adventure (photo essay)

January 13, 2012


way to the Essaouira fish market

f my fondest memories of studying abroad and living in Africa were made while road tripping around Morocco. Almost every weekend, a group of West Point cadets an American-Moroccan and I (the rambunctious Puerto Rican), would hit the roads and drive loooong distances in order to discover some of Morocco’s treasures. One of my […]

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FriFotos: On the road, Morocco and Egypt

September 30, 2011


FriFotos Morocco

eek’s FriFotos theme is “ROADS” so today I present you a photo compilaton of some of my favorite moments on the road, particularly in Egypt and Morocco. Hope you like the pics! Story behind some of those “moments” coming soon *wink* Roads in Morocco can be dangerous… Road sign in Egypt One fine day, […]

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Photos: Doorways in the Middle East & Morocco

September 20, 2011

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Egyptian Museum doorway

a serious obsession with the Middle East, as you have probably already noticed. But my obsessions run even deeper than that. When it comes to Arab architecture, I go even more gaga. And if you put a gigantic, intricate doorway or archway in front of me — I could spend hours just staring […]

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FriFotos: Compilation of stones, temples of my Middle East travels

September 16, 2011


Middle East travels, Petra

riFotos this week, given that the theme is “STONE,” I decided to make a compilation post, including some of my favorite shots of stones, rock-carved temples & buildings I captured throughout my Middle East travels between August 2008-December 2009. In passing, I have included all the countries I visited to make this photo essay about […]

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Secret beach in Morocco: Beach Thursday feature

September 8, 2011


secret beach in Morocco

of a secret beach in Morocco, found on our first road trip while we lived there. Hope you like it! [click here for more photos of this road trip & secret beach in Morocco] Have you found a secret beach in Morocco? Tell us about it in a comment!  

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The Tannery in Fez Morocco: Photo essay

September 5, 2011


tannery in Fez Morocco

ured image photo credit: Bernard Gagnon, Wiki Commons^] I had never visited a tannery until I lived in north Africa back in 2009. While the old medina of Marrakech also has one, today’s post will focus on the leather tannery in Fez Morocco. If you so wish, I could also give you some tips about how […]

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Morocco road trip and secret beach: Photo essay

September 1, 2011


Morocco road trip

ach Thursday this week, I decided to post a photo essay of the first of many road trips I took while studying and living in north Africa, in which my friends and I found some secret (or hidden) beaches in Morocco. The funny thing (not so funny back then lol) is that we didn’t […]

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Morocco hotels, desert lodges, and destinations

August 31, 2011


kasbah by Kurpfalzbilder.de, Flikr Commons

ebration of Eid el Fitr this week, I’ve been giving you trip ideas in order to help you plan your Middle East travels / Eid holiday. Today, we continue this mini series featuring the top Morocco hotels and desert lodges. I intentionally left certain widly-popular destinations out of this entry because there is more to Morocco […]

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How to dress in the Middle East: Photo essay

August 22, 2011


How to dress in Egypt

ladies and gentlemen! Through a photo essay, I will show you how to dress in the Middle East (or any conservative country) and (almost) pass as a local. Overview Let me be clear: How to dress in the Middle East doesn’t really matter–if you don’t care about the attention. Except for a handful of […]

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How to Poop: Lessons from the Middle East

August 12, 2011



is no more valuable lesson when traveling the Middle East than…knowing how to poop. That’s right folks: Pooping is indeed an art, one which must be mastered if you plan to travel throughout the Arab world and any other developing countries for that matter. So today I show you what I learned from living and traveling throughout […]

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