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Things to do in Yemen: Beautiful UNESCO-filled photo essay

April 24, 2012


things to do in Yemen, Qalansiyah beach

try in strife, yet with so much to offer. This week’s Travel Tuesday photo essay features the wonderful things to do in Yemen. Socotra Island Featured as having some of the best beaches in the Middle East, reiterated by Lonely Planet retweet, Socotra Island is one of the oddest sights not only in the […]

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Tel Aviv photos: The beach, Gaudi, the old and the new

April 23, 2012

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Tel Aviv photos, beach promenade

I was reminiscing about my trip during Eid el Adha in Israel and the awesome time I had in that city by going through some Tel Aviv photos. I also remembered the amazing time I had my second time around, during the summer. I absolutely love this city: The vibe, the nightlife, the gorgeous […]

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Essaouira Morocco photos: Architectural postcards

April 20, 2012


Essaouira door

#8217;s postcards include Essaouira Morocco photos. The focal point is the town’s architecture, as I am obsessed with Arab design and buildings I went on a road trip around Morocco almost every weekend when I studied Islamic Civilization and Arabic at Al Akhawayn University. Essaouira Morocco is one of the many places I visited. My favorite […]

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Imam Mosque, Iran: Colorful UNESCO World Heritage Site photo essay

March 23, 2012


Shah Mosque or Imam Mosque, Iran

am Mosque, Iran: A colorful photo essay! Continuing our love for Persian architecture, today I introduce you to the Imam Mosque, Iran (Masjed-e Imam). It is a fitting day for such a gem to be talked about at Travel The Middle East, as Friday is the day that most Muslims flock into mosques to […]

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Things to do in Morocco: A feast for the senses (photo essay)

March 13, 2012


things to do in Morocco, cooking class

ned about the best things to do in Morocco after living there for a semester abroad. I had the opportunity to take many road trips and visit many cities more than once. For this reason, today I’m curating certain cities and telling you which are my favorite things to do in Morocco. Part 2 likely […]

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Couscous history: A delicious photo essay!

March 8, 2012


couscous history, modifications

ded to do something fun today and share with you a brief post about couscous history–my favorite Moroccan dish. Just had lunch, but writing about this made me hungry again! Origins Did you know that couscous is actually a Berber pasta dish? As such, it’s funny to hear several rumors about couscous history and […]

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Marsa Alam: Egyptian Red Sea Hidden Gem (photo essay)

February 16, 2012


ur eyes tired of temple viewing, needing a little breather? Yet, you think Luxor is a little too far from relaxing beach towns? Think again: Escape to Marsa Alam! Location Located about 237 km from ancient Thebes, this relaxing beach town is no secret to experienced divers. For years now, Marsa Alam has been […]

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Travel the Middle East sands: Photo essay

February 10, 2012


Palm Jumeirah's Fronds

we will travel the Middle East SANDS as the latter is the FriFotos theme this week! I’ll present a variety of photos including deserts I have visited, some interesting tours I have taken, and other locales that are still on my Middle East bucket list! Hope you enjoy the shots Travel the Middle East: […]

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Ifrane, Morocco: Africa’s Little Switzerland (photo essay)

February 3, 2012


(إفران‎), Morocco is one of the few places in the African continent where snow falls almost every winter. For this very reason, the French developed this town after an Alpine village in the early 20th century (Protectorate Era), which explains the village’s extremely European flair. And at an elevation of 5,460 ft., this Moroccan town also […]

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Al Azhar: Cairo’s Central Park (photo essay)

January 24, 2012


Citadel from Al Azhar Park

is nothing better than enjoying some greenery in the middle of a city’s chaos, right? Even more so in Cairo, which according to many accounts, is one of the most polluted cities in the world. This fact, however, did not deter me from living in this fascinating city for a year. And my favorite […]

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