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How to Poop: Lessons from the Middle East

August 12, 2011



is no more valuable lesson when traveling the Middle East than…knowing how to poop. That’s right folks: Pooping is indeed an art, one which must be mastered if you plan to travel throughout the Arab world and any other developing countries for that matter. So today I show you what I learned from living and traveling throughout […]

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How to cross the street in Cairo

August 10, 2011


street in cairo

re really a peculiar way by which I should cross the street in Cairo? Yes. I mean, really? Indeed. You don’t understand, oh my baby tourist, how important this is. And, if a seasoned traveler, you are probably chuckling on your seat right now. If you are a Westerner, the best way to describe how […]

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How to arrange a kibbutz stay in Israel

August 1, 2011


Kibbutz Hazore'a

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today I have a very nice post in store for you: How to arrange a kibbutz stay in Israel. It is not as hard as it may seem! And it sure is a great experience. With several kibbutzes and quite a few willing hosts to choose from, arranging a stay is […]

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Egypt vs Morocco series: Middle East Study Abroad pt 2

July 28, 2011


Middle East study abroad at AUC

here for Middle East Study Abroad Part 1! This shall be part 4 of the Egypt vs Morocco series, but version 4.2 as this is the second part of Middle East study abroad! Today I will review the two Middle East study abroad programs I participated in: ALIN at the American University of Cairo in […]

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Pyramids of Giza: A sandstorm of disappointments

July 15, 2011


me disappointed at the Pyramids of Giza

imer: I am, in no means, through this Pyramids of Giza post discrediting this masterpiece of the ancient world, as its architecture and history are beyond amazing. This article is simply portraying my opinion and POV of my (3) visits, taking into consideration the high expectations that I had before hand. You should still go, […]

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