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Fethiye Turkey: Sunken ruins and beautiful beaches! (photo essay)

March 29, 2012


This week’s Beach Thursday spotlight is on Fethiye Turkey. Sunken ancient ruins and beautiful turquoise waters must be seen to be believed! Fethiye Turkey beaches Naturally, the main attractions in Fethiye Turkey are the beautiful turquoise coast and its beaches. There are more to choose from than you think, too, so I’ll do you a […]

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Mosques in the Middle East: Seductive Holiness

November 21, 2011


mosques in the middle east, hagia sophia

Mosques in the Middle East never cease to fascinate me. While I am a Christian myself, there is always certain aura about any religious site that gets me down to the bone. The energy is almost inappropriately seductive. Their architecture is simply a feast to the eyes. While cathedrals have their own charm, mosques in […]

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Halloween in the Middle East: Haram AND tradition?

October 31, 2011


Happy Eid! - Halloween in the Middle East

Halloween in the Middle East: Haram or tradition? Indeed, partaking in celebrations of pagan origins, such as Halloween, is HARAM (forbidden) in Islam. As Prophet Muhammad (puh) warned to his followers: “Whoever imitates a nation is one of them!” (Abu Da’oud) Thus, all Muslims are expected to condemn pagan and non-Sunna traditions such as Halloween, Christmas and […]

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How to dress in the Middle East: Photo essay

August 22, 2011


How to dress in Egypt

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Through a photo essay, I will show you how to dress in the Middle East (or any conservative country) and (almost) pass as a local. Overview Let me be clear: How to dress in the Middle East doesn’t really matter–if you don’t care about the attention. Except for a handful of […]

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How to Poop: Lessons from the Middle East

August 12, 2011



There is no more valuable lesson when traveling the Middle East than…knowing how to poop. That’s right folks: Pooping is indeed an art, one which must be mastered if you plan to travel throughout the Arab world and any other developing countries for that matter. So today I show you what I learned from living and traveling throughout […]

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Ideas to have a unique Iftar in Turkey and Palestine

August 4, 2011


Iftar in Palestine

Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. Whether you are Muslim or not, Middle East travel during Ramadan is an experience in itself, but how more unforgettable would it be by celebrating the breaking of the fast, or having iftar, in a unique way? It is definitely possible in several Middle Eastern countries. Today, I […]

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