Fethiye Turkey: Sunken ruins and beautiful beaches! (photo essay)

March 29, 2012


This week’s Beach Thursday spotlight is on Fethiye Turkey. Sunken ancient ruins and beautiful turquoise waters must be seen to be believed!

Fethiye Turkey view

Fethiye Turkey view (Photo: Astolath, Flickr)

Fethiye Turkey beaches

Naturally, the main attractions in Fethiye Turkey are the beautiful turquoise coast and its beaches. There are more to choose from than you think, too, so I’ll do you a favor and include a couple of them on this post. Oh, and with their respective photos! You love me, I know ;)

Calış Beach

Çalis beach, Fethiye

Çalis beach, Fethiye (Photo: *aliza*, Flickr)

How do 4 km of sandy beach and cool breeze even in the hot summer months sound? Oh, and it is coined as the best spot in the province to watch the sunset. Its calm waters also make it the perfect for water sports.


Gocek marina, Fethiye

Göcek marina (Photo: Keith Miller, Flickr)

Got a yacht or boat? Göcek is your place! Beautiful marina in a natural harbor, sheltered by green pine grove hills. Numerous facilities also make it a great place to simply hang out and eat good seafood.

Kelebekler Vadisi beach (Butterfly Valley)

Kelebekler Vadisi, Fethiye Turkey

Kelebekler Vadisi, as seen from top (Photo: Bekir Topuz, Flickr)

Kelebekler Vadisi view, Fethiye Turkey

Kelebekler Vadisi and canyon, as seen at the distance (Photo: Bekir Topuz, Flickr)

A camping area, in addition to seemingly a myriad of activities make Butterfly Valley a perfect place to relax, pause from your fast-paced trip or Turkey tour and become one with nature. The surrounding 350-meter mountains make this canyon surreal eye candy. And the waters of Kelebekler Vadisi beach? You be the judge!

Ölüdeniz beach

Oludeniz beach paragliding, Fethiye Turkey

paragliding over Ölüdeniz beach, Fethiye (Photo: Tania Ho, Flickr)

Fethiye Turkey paragliding, Oludeniz

alternative view of Oludeniz beach whilst paragliding (Photo: Tania Ho, Flickr)

Blue Lagoon, Fethiye Turkey paragliding

"The famed Blue Lagoon (photo by Ciaran)" on Sol Kahn's Flickr Commons

Popularly known as Blue Lagoon, Ölüdeniz beach is probably the most well-known beach in southern Turkey. Its curved coastline, rolling hills, and crystalline waters have made it to the cover of several Turkey beach vacations brochures. The vista of this inland bay is also trademark of paragliding trips in Fethiye. The latter adventure is, in fact, on my own travel bucket list!

Fethiye sunken ruins

Kekova sunken city, Fethiye

Kekova sunken city, Fethiye (Photo: Jon Young, Flickr)

No trip to the Gulf of Fethiye Turkey is complete without diving or snorkeling trip to the sunken ruins! Located near Kekova, visiting this sunken city is a truly magical experience and something you don’t get to see everywhere. If diving, you will also be greeted by wrecks. Better yet: Couple this activities on a multi-day Gulet cruise. An adventurer’s (and history buffs’) paradise!

Gulet cruise, Turkey Turquoise Coast

Gulet cruise on Turkey's Turquoise Coast (Photo: John Green, Flickr)


Gulet in full sail! (Photo: Wiki Commons)

Header image: Bekir Topuz, Flickr

Did Fethiye Turkey surprise you? Would you like to visit someday?

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4 Responses to “Fethiye Turkey: Sunken ruins and beautiful beaches! (photo essay)”

  1. Kurt Says:

    Haha. Fabulous pictures while gliding. I love the views over the little gorges.


  2. Natalie Says:

    The whole of the south coast of Turkey is a delight to visit. I preferred the resort of Kas to Fethiye but Fethiye still has its own qualities.


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