Ras Mohammed camping, Red Sea, Egypt (photo essay)

April 5, 2012


Ras Mohammed camping sunset

Happy Beach Thursday everyone! Today I present you a special guest post by Mina Mahrous about Ras Mohammed camping by the Red Sea in Egypt. It is a beautiful reserve that I had the pleasure to dive in Egypt (Yolanda Reef is superb!) and I am glad you will learn a bit more about it today from a local Egyptian. Enjoy!

Last December I went camping on the beach in Ras Mohammed with a friend who owns a small desert safari company. Ras Mohammed camping is amazing on so many levels.

One thing is that you have a private beach. Like really: Private!

Ras Mohammed camping, private beach

Independent travel — and big city nearby

Another thing is that you don’t have to be professional; all you need is a car! Even if you don’t know how to light up a camp fire to cook, Sharm el Sheikh is a very big city and it is only 6 km away. Thus, you can go get food there and come back to your camp in no time.

our Ras Mohammed camping area

Caption: you don't have to have a 4x4 car; there are spots with dirt roads that normal cars can enter

For me, the Ras Mohammed camping trip happened suddenly, as my friend called me just a couple of hours before he reached Sharm el Sheikh, where I am currently working, and told me he had a traveler with him and they were going to camp in Ras Mohammed. I have met this traveler before when I was in Alexandria and so she didn’t mind if I joined them.

This was the perfect unexpected holiday. And yes, Ras Mohammed camping doesn’t need to be pre booked or anything, you can just  show up at anytime, buy a day’s ticket at the camping area (which is always empty), and spend your day and night there.

I love camping. Be it on a beach or in the middle of the desert. The vastness of a place and lack of people around always have something to offer you spiritually; it’s just very humbling.

Once there, it is the tranquility, the beach, the sand and your tent. And the cooking utensils. :D

Ras Mohammed camping cooking

Here is how a typical beach camping day goes. As soon as you wake up you prepare coffee, for you and everyone else of course. Have breakfast and eat some of the cheap Egyptian Oreos (Borios; trust me they are really good when there is no food source in miles away).

Ras Mohammed camping Borio

Ras Mohammed: Unspoiled national reserve

You can then go for a swim or sun tan (yes, in December!). Ras Mohammed is a National Reserve Park. Not only the land, but also the waters belong to the national park. The reefs are really well reserved in that area and so it has one of the amazing snorkeling and diving coral reefs in all of Sinai and the Red Sea.

Ras Mohammed camping sunset

Beautiful sunset

Ras Mohammed camping, beautiful Red Sea

The beautiful Red Sea at Ras Mohammed (Photo: Paul Owen, Flickr)

Ras Mohammed camping snorkeling

Snorkeling Yolanda Reef (Photo: ericared70, Flickr)

You can go hiking if the weather is a little bit cool, or you can take your car to move around the park and check out some other cool spots in Ras Mohammed.

At sunset you start lighting up the camp fire, it gets chilly and you’ll want to warm up around that fire after dark. Plus, what a better way to cook that late lunch/dinner? Together you start cutting the vegetables, washing the dishes, boiling water, etc.

Ras Mohammed camping at night

Dinner is served

The Egyptian army in our trip…!?

Dinner is served, always very delicious. And then the army arrived (army time? Yes! First time I saw them I covered my beer, thinking alcohol was prohibited in the area or so). Seems they just came to sit with us for a while, and some of them even drank with us. It was really fun sitting with the border security soldiers and hearing their stories and adventures.

Ras Mohammed camping with the Egyptian army

Ras Mohammed camping and the Egyptian army. Faces are pixelated because I have no idea if they are allowed to hang out with visitors!

It’s all good!

And then you fall in deep sleep. To wake up the next morning for views like this, and another pot of coffee…

Ras Mohammed camping sunset

Ras Mohammed sunset (Photo: Stoffe, Flickr)

Ras Mohammed camping, Shark reef

Shark reef, Ras Mohammed (Photo: Matt Kieffer, Flickr)

Have you gone Ras Mohammed camping? Have you visited the Egyptian Sinai?

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6 Responses to “Ras Mohammed camping, Red Sea, Egypt (photo essay)”

  1. Emme Rogers @ Roamancing Says:

    This is getting me excited for our upcoming trip to the Red Sea!


  2. Raf Kiss Says:

    That really looks like a great place to hang out… even kinda romantic :)
    I bet there weren’t a lot of mosquitoes either.
    In the second picture it even looks like there are spare tires lying around in the sand for those who have a flat.

    Great pics, especially the underwater ones..


    • Someday I'll Be There - Mina Says:

      HAHA. The spare tire has a story, because it was windy the night before and we thought the camp’s wedge wouldn’t stand still all night, so we tied an extra rope to the EXTRA heavy spare tire of our 4WD :D worked out pretty good!

      in other pictures you will see ropes made to stay in place with the water carton :D “always make use of whatever elements available” haha


  3. Melvin Says:

    Fab photos… Especially the sunset one! Wow!


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