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Middle Eastern sites and columns: What I’ve seen (photos)

December 7, 2012

Egypt, Israel and Palestine, Jordan

Middle Eastern sites, Medinet Habu

The theme of this week’s FriFotos is COLUMNS. Thus, I wanted to share some photos of Middle Eastern sites and ruins as seen through my travels. Hope you like them!

Cairo’s minarets

Known as the city of the thousand minarets: I lived in Cairo for a full year study Egyptian and Modern Standard Arabic. Those beautiful Islamic structures remind me of columns:

Middle Eastern sites, Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo minarets by Scott D. Haddow

Al-Azhar mosque minaret in Cairo, Egypt

“One of the tall minarets at Cairo’s al-Azhar Mosque” by Asim Bharwani

Roman columns and ruins at Beit She’an

Beit She’an in Israel is, hands down, one of my favorite sites in the Middle East. The sheer size, and preservation of some of the columns and the theater found here, are retreat.

Beit Shean Roman theater

Beit Shean Roman theater (Stellas mom, Flickr)

Beit She'an National Park, Middle Eastern sites

The Roman cardo in Beit She’an National Park (Israeltourism, Flickr)

The Nabatean city of Petra, Jordan

Do I really need to say more? I had a tear-jerking moment in Petra and even got to climb the monastery to the very top with Beoduin. Some of my most memorable Middle East travel experiences to date!

Middle Eastern sites, The Treasury at Petra

The Treasury at Petra by fellow traveler Bernard Gagnon

Philae temple, Aswan

One of my favorite temples in Upper Egypt, I got to visit Philae temple on my birthday back in the summer of 2009. it was one of the first ancient Egyptian temples I got to ever see, so I was extremely giddy that day! It probably shows in the pictures:

Philae Temple, Middle Eastern sites in Egypt

I was so happy! Even though the tourists completely ruined this shot…

Philae Temple from the Nile River

Philae Temple from the Nile River

Middle Eastern sites postcard

Just like a postcard! The Philae temple site is much bigger than it seems

Medinet Habu Temple, Upper Egypt

Now, if you were to ask me which is not only my favorite Middle East temple, but my favorite temple of all, I would probably say Medinet Habu. All the BRIGHT colors found all over the walls, ceilings, columns of this site are just AMAZING.  Hard to believe they are THOUSANDS of years old! In my opinion, it is one of the most underrated ancient Egyptian sites in the entire country.

Medinet Habu columns, Middle Eastern sites

Medinet Habu columns. Impressive, no? (Jolianne, Flickr)

Middle Eastern sites, Medinet Habu

In my opinion, the most colorful of all ancient Middle Eastern sites! (Bob Gaffney, Flickr)

What Middle Eastern sites and columns have you visited?

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3 Responses to “Middle Eastern sites and columns: What I’ve seen (photos)”

  1. Sophie Says:

    You’ve captured some gorgeous columns here, Maria. Philae is one of my favourites, especially magical at night time.


    • Maria Laborde Says:

      Thanks Sophie I visited during today (daytrip), so I couldn’t see it the night. Do you have any of those night pictures? Would love to see them!


  2. Melbourne Says:

    Your pics are gorgeous. The pictures give a felling of actually being there. I enjoyed it so much. Thank you so much for this awesome post.


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