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Sidi Bou Said attractions: Tunisia’s Mediterranean gem

July 20, 2014

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talked about the beauty of Essaouira, Morocco countless of times. Its Islamic architecture, mixed with white-washed buildings and popping blue windows, made me fall in love with it during my time in North Africa. However, there’s plenty of gems I missed: namely, Sidi Bou Said. Step foot into this magical village and you might […]

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Islam symbols, their meaning, and other Middle East charms

March 22, 2013


Islam symbols, Kaaba

is, arguably, one of the most controversial and misunderstood religions in the world. For this reason, I picked Islam symbols, their meaning, and a couple of other Middle East charms for this week’s special #FriFotos post. I hope this photo essay sheds some light on this fascinating region and their culture. Let me know if you […]

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5 Great Middle East Movies: Travel Inspiration

February 7, 2013

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Middle East movies, Captain Abu Raed

llowing Middle East movies article is a guest post ** So many films focus on the political strife and violence in the Middle East, but this region is an area that can’t be defined by a single aspect. There are so many interesting and uplifting facets to  this corner of the globe — and […]

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St. Barbara’s Day history, customs, and traditions: The Middle Eastern Halloween?

November 16, 2012


St Barbara's Day pastry Atayef

e children skipping down the streets, dressed in colorful costumes, their voices singing a familiar tune as they make their way door to door, hoping to collect delicious treats. It’s easy to guess this is Halloween night, until I mention a couple crucial details: It’s December 4th in Lebanon. In this Middle Eastern nation, citizens […]

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Yom Kippur meaning: The Jewish Ramadan?

September 26, 2012


7;m not quite sure why, but several people get offended whenever I do this. I can’t help it though–I love to draw analogies between religions. So, when my Jewish friends started celebrations for their holiest day of the year last night, I knew had to write about it. Today’s post is all about Yom Kippur meaning […]

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Ramadan Kareem meaning: Overview of the Muslim holiday

July 23, 2012


my Muslim brothers and sisters: رمضان كريم (Ramadan Kareem)! And to the rest of my brothers and sisters: Let’s love each other no matter what’s our religion. I’m a Christ follower and love all people, just as He would Learn more about the Ramadan Kareem meaning and the festivities that take place during this Holy […]

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Middle East Cyprus: An unlikely concoction? (educational photo essay)

May 15, 2012


Middle East Cyprus, food platters

we expose an unlikely concoction: Middle East Cyprus. Wait, isn’t it an European island?! Decorating hundreds of Mediterranean travel brochures worldwide, Cyprus’ location and culture are commonly misunderstood. Granted, it is located in the Mediterranean Sea–but so are the coasts of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Turkey! Indeed, Middle East Cyprus is real and today […]

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Things to do in Yemen: Beautiful UNESCO-filled photo essay

April 24, 2012


things to do in Yemen, Qalansiyah beach

try in strife, yet with so much to offer. This week’s Travel Tuesday photo essay features the wonderful things to do in Yemen. Socotra Island Featured as having some of the best beaches in the Middle East, reiterated by Lonely Planet retweet, Socotra Island is one of the oddest sights not only in the […]

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Dar Al Hajar (Rock Palace): Wadi Dhahr, Yemen

April 10, 2012


Dar Al Hajar from below

eek’s travel Tuesday feature, Dar Al Hajar (Rock Palace), is located on one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, which is currently midst a revolution. History Dar Al Hajar was built by ruler Imam Yahya as his summer fortress-mansion in the 30′s. What’s more interesting about this site is that it was actually built upon ancient […]

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Imam Mosque, Iran: Colorful UNESCO World Heritage Site photo essay

March 23, 2012


Shah Mosque or Imam Mosque, Iran

am Mosque, Iran: A colorful photo essay! Continuing our love for Persian architecture, today I introduce you to the Imam Mosque, Iran (Masjed-e Imam). It is a fitting day for such a gem to be talked about at Travel The Middle East, as Friday is the day that most Muslims flock into mosques to […]

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