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Travel Blogs & Links

Here is a list of travel blogs, websites, and resources that you can use for your general travel overseas or to get more tips on travel to the Middle East and beyond.  If you would like to include your travel blog or website here, please feel free to contact us!

Travel sources and useful websites

TripAdvisor (travel advice & reviews) – I am personally addicted to this community. The forums, particularly, are packed with local, in-country experts that can help you in every single aspect of your trip: from fine tuning your itinerary given your trip’s length to choosing the right hotel or tour operator. Furthermore, visit your country or city of choice to get ideas on things to do; the good, the bad, AND the ugly when it comes to accommodation, restaurants, etc.

Trivago (accommodation options) – while “winging it” can be exciting when arriving to a new destination, if it’s high season, it’s very unlikely you will find a room within a hotel or guesthouse that has glowing reviews. For this reason, it is always smart to book in advance if you’re traveling for a festival, during a national holiday, etc.

I personally prefer Couchsurfing over hotels as it allows you to get up close and personal to locals on their culture, but I understand that sometimes you just need your space, so if that’s the case, go to a hotel comparison site such as Trivago in order to find that perfect base for your trip.

Lonely Planet forums: Thorntree (travel advice & reviews) – from the acclaimed print guidebooks to a breathing, up-to-date online community. Very similar to TripAdvisor forums, but the active users here usually provide even better advice when it comes to going off-the-beaten-path, using local transportation exclusively, and delving deeper into the culture of your destination. To put it simply, Thorntree could be seen as the Bible to budget wanderers and/or independent travelers. Information will always be up-to-date here, unlike the Lonely Planet guidebooks, so always pay the LP forums a visit before following the advice of your print edition — in order to avoid disappointment.

Hipmunk (cheap flights) – hands-down, THE best comparison site when it comes to airfare. My strategy is to find the best flight combinations/legs and prices, then go to the official airline website and search the same exact dates and times. This way, I usually get not only the best flight times and prices, but can also save an additional 10% or so! ;-)

Couple Travel Tips (couples travel) - a wealth of couple travel tips for a couples vacation, weekend getaways and around the world backpacking adventures. I love how they teach couples to keep romance alive — and try not to get on each other’s hair — while traveling. Great resource.

Backpacking In New Zealand (NZ, budget travel) – great resource page by Backpacking Matt in order to explore the gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand on a budget. From which hostels to avoid to which route and direction is best, Matt covers it all.

Travel blogs to FOLLOW

LatinAbroad | Nomadic Translator - my unique cultural travel blog, covering all the countries visited and beyond. Travel tips and tales as I go on my journey become a full-time digital nomad!

Nomadic Samuel - Sam’s travel blog offers travel photos, travel videos, quirky travel stories, teaching English, ESL tips, photography tips & destinations.

Paramount Travel - An RTW around the world travel blog dedicated everything from festivals, culture, food, and things to do around several destinations in all 7 continents.

2 Backpackers - Community resource for couples traveling to Latin America on a backpacking adventure

2 Nomads 1 Narrative - Two nomads = One American + One Welshman. One narrative = this blog. They left our homes in May 2009 with a one way ticket to Bangkok & have been wandering around the world ever since.

A Dangerous Business - just an ordinary girl from Ohio embarking on extraordinary adventures. Traveler, blogger, and photographer Amanda Williams take you on some unforgettable trips around the world — her travel blog ‘s mission is to prove to people that traveling alone doesn’t have to be scary, lonely, or out of anybody’s reach.

Ah Trini Travelogue - Trinidad’s most travelled blogger on his quest to travel to all corners of the globe. Caribbean spice awaits!

A Little Adrift - Award winning travel blog by author and speaker Shannon O’Donnell full of photos, stories, and advice for others dreaming of long-term round the world travel.

Around The World “L” - Lillie is a tall Bostonian teacher who wants to volunteer and travel around the world. Now I mother, she will teach you how kids she certainly NOT stop you from exploring our wonderful Earth!

Beers And Beans - when you get a professional journalist and a professional photographer together, you know the product will be something stellar. This travel blog will amaze you with incredible stories, media, and tips.

Bitten By The Travel Bug - One girl’s solo journey around the world in search of adventure, culture and just a little bit of luxury. Nicole will teach you not only how to travel in style, but also know how to spot great luxurious deals.

Couples Vacation - blog about all things couples travel. From keeping up the romance while on the road to how not to kill each other, this is great if you wander around the world with your significant other.

Daily Dose Latin America - while this travel blog does not publish DAILY posts anymore, they still post gorgeous photos of Latin America couple of times a week. Beautiful photography, great inspiration if you are planning to visit Latin America.

Inside Journeys - this Jamaican mama will take you all over her beautiful island, and around the world. Marcia has some great stories to tell, and I highly recommend you read them!

The World is a Book - a family travel blog that teaches you how to travel with kids. While I am single and typically travel alone, I follow them because of their usually spectacular photo essays. Really beautiful travel photography!

Travelwkly.com - if you want to travel somewhere but have absolutely NO IDEA as to where to go, this blog covering different destinations around the world will sure inspire you to book a plane ticket soon.

WanderingTrader - Marcello Arrambide’s travel blog talking about living overseas, traveling around the world, and day trading & traveling. He has visited more than 80 countries and ALL 7 continents, so a great variety of destinations to learn about on his site and social media networks.